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Sky Village NYC (formerly SHASTYE Art Gallery and Play Space) has been committed to art based education for children since 2015. We believe that creative art play combined with consistent interactive experiences (with colors, shapes, letter sounds and emotional expression) children will be given the opportunity to learn dynamically



With guidance inspired by Reggio Emilia and Montessori methods, our educated staff will help your child grow independently and take big steps forward!


Both Reggio Emilia and Montessori styles of education focus on developing the whole child, and to help create citizens who will exist in harmony with others.  At Sky Village NYC we share that same vision and are committed to teaching our youngest learners about their colors and shapes, as well as how to function as a community.  We start by showing the children how to take care of themselves by managing their own belongings.  Children also practice talking and listening and how to share toys.  By teaching routines and systems of behavior we believe we can create an environment of respect and stability guiding our children towards higher emotional intelligence. 

There will be lots of time for creative art play followed by circle time, dancing and games. Arts and crafts are practiced daily to support hand muscle development. Eventually, once we feel your child is ready, we will start to write the alphabet and memorize letter sounds.


9:30am-9:45am Drop-off/Creative Playtime

9:45am-10:15 Music and Dance

10:15am-10:30am Hello Song

10:30am-10:45am Snack and Storytime

10:45am-11am Freeplay

11am-11:20am Arts and crafts

11:20am-11:30am Clean-up

11:30am HOME

We take great care to make sure that our teacher to student ratio is small so that we can help your child meet their development milestones.  If your child requires additional assistance we may recommend an evaluation so that your child can receive the additional support that they need.

Sky Village NYC has been designed to be an organic sensory experience for your child with lots of natural light and play materials made of 100% natural fibers. Our mission is to provide a sanctuary of calm for your little one so that their mind and spirit can develop and grow to their maximum potential! 


We understand the importance of positive early childhood experiences and we hope to create significant joyful connections for your child that will last a lifetime.  If you would like to take a tour of our beautiful play space please call 917-608-1658 or write  We would be happy to make an appointment with you and your little one and answer any questions that you may have!  The cost for this 10 month program is $108 a week.

PLEASE NOTE: All Sky Village NYC classes are suspended for all Public School Holidays to accommodate children who need FULL DAY "CAMP". Please check online for a current listing of or a list of Public School holidays.

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