Sky Village NYC employs specialists in early childhood education as well as students and professional artists of various disciplines such as painting, acting and writing -- all are committed to providing your child with an amazing experience! 


While your child is in our care they will be emotionally supported and cared for responsibly. In exchange we will expect for them to follow our traditions of loving kindness and respect. This includes consistent mask wearing, washing hands and social distancing during meal times. 


Sky Village NYC reserves the right to use discretion regarding mask wearing outside in high heat and humidity during the summer months. We do not require children to wear masks outside if we feel that their health could be compromised. 


At this time we have not had a single COVID-19 infection in any of our camps or cohorts. We trust that all of the parents are acting responsibly and quickly regarding any potential infection. We ask that all of our future clients do the same. 


If you have any additional questions regarding any of our programs please feel free to email skyvillageevents@gmail.com!