Sky Village NYC is excited to offer another fun and adventurous 2022 Summer Art Camp!​ This year we will be traveling to 8 different countries around the world to learn about some seriously AMAZING artists and the art genre or art movement they made famous!  For example, the origins of Japanese block printing (an art genre), initially began in China but the technique was adopted by Japan and used as early as the eighth century to disseminate texts, specifically Buddhist scriptures. This art genre was made famous by Japanese artists such as Katsushika Hokusai, creator of the iconic print The Great Wave off Kanagawa. One of the great things about Japanese woodblock printing was that it allowed for the duplication of art at a time when original art pieces were the only thing available. This eventually lead to the Shin-hanga movement, a style of Japanese block printing inspired by European Impressionism. 


Sounds like a lot of information for a child to wrap their head around, but children are sponges for information -- and we never underestimate the intelligence of our little artists at Sky Village NYC.  This is the beginning of real art education. We don't just share art techniques, we talk about the history behind the development of art as we know it today.  This then becomes their foundation to making bold choices in their journey with art -- and making bold choices is what makes all young innovators successful!


We are offering a 3 or 5 day camp option for children 5 to 7 and 8 to 12 years old. A variety of arts and crafts will be offered daily with lots of structured playtime offered by YUG Wellness (Yoga), Unlimited Body (strength training), the International Training Center of New York (fundamentals of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu). Reflection Dance Studio will also be joining for select field trips on Fridays. Both groups will participate in lots of unstructured play time at Ditmars Playground (Steinway St. between Ditmars and 23rd Ave.) and Charybdis Playground (Astoria Park/Shore Blvd.).


If you decide that our camp is right for your child, please register through the Eventbrite link below. We do offer extended care until 6pm five days a week. Please be sure to call 917-608-1658 or email Sky Village NYC at to request this service at the time of your booking. Additional pricing will be applied


WEEK 1 (June 27): MEXICO and its Fresco Murals

WEEK 2 (July 4): JAPAN and Woodblock Printing

WEEK 3 (July 11): FRANCE and Fauvism

WEEK 4 (July 18): UNITED STATES and Neo-Expressionism

WEEK 5 (July 25): BREAK

WEEK 6: (August 1): BREAK

WEEK 7: (August 8): NETHERLANDS and Plasticism

WEEK 8: (August 15): SWITZERLAND and Expressionism

WEEK 9 (August 22): UKRAINE and its Mosaics

WEEK 10 (August 29): TBA

Additional information for parents:

Special weekly activities at Sky Village NYC include Jiu-Jitsu fundamentals Monday and Wednesday for all children 5 years and older. 


Please plan to pack a daily lunch for your child and include two personal bottles of water.


All children should be dressed to get messy and include an additional change of clothing in case they get wet or dirty.

We consider it a privilege to take care of your children. Their safety is our number one priority. If your child has any kind of special needs (asthma, anxiety, ADHD, epilepsy) please be sure to mention it at the time of registration.

Thank you so much!

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Kindest regards,

Sky Village NYC